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Subject: [Jedi] postdoc position in Denmark
Date: 6 September 2016 07:51:53 BST
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Dear Jedis,
I have an open  postdoc position in my lab and would be very grateful if you could circulate the attached ad.
Thanks a lot,

Postdoc position in Drosophila Neuroscience
Analysis of neuronal circuits and behavioral genetics
The lab of Anne von Philipsborn at DANDRITE, the Danish Research Institute of Translational Neuroscience, Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine at Aarhus University, Denmark (http://dandrite.au.dk/), is looking for a highly motivated and skilled postdoc.
We are interested in understanding how the nervous system generates and controls behaviour - at the level of genes and molecules, cells and neuronal circuits. Using Drosophila courtship and acoustic signaling as a model system, we study how small circuits of genetically defined neurons integrate sensory information, select actions and generate motor patterns. Our methodology includes various Drosophila behavioral assays to test the effect of manipulation of neuronal activity with genetic tools, confocal microscopy, 3D image analysis, calcium imaging of neuronal activity and optogenetics.
The ideal candidate has a PhD degree in Life Sciences, a strong background in Drosophila genetics and/or neuroscience and bioimaging. A competitive salary and access to state-of-the-art research facilities will be provided.  Starting date is negotiable.
Applicants should send CV, a short letter of motivation and the names of at least two referees to: Anne von Philipsborn (avp at mb.au.dk<mailto:avp at mb.au.dk>). Application deadline: October 5th, 2016.

Anne von Philipsborn
DANDRITE- Danish Research Institute of Translational Neuroscience
Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine
Aarhus University
Ole Worms Alle 3, Building 1171
8000 Aarhus C, Denmark
Cell phone: +45 23359252

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