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Georgina Fletcher Georgina.Fletcher at crick.ac.uk
Thu Sep 8 10:47:20 BST 2016

Please see message below from Yuu Kimata in Cambridge. If you can help him
out, he¹ll be very grateful.



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>Subject: Fly request: hairy-Gal4
>From:    "Yuu Kimata" <yk299 at cam.ac.uk>
>Date:    Thu, September 8, 2016 12:02 am
>To:      ucam-flygroup at lists.cam.ac.uk
>Dear Cambridge fly colleagues,
>In my last desperate attempt, I would like to ask you whether some of you
>may have a hairy-gal4 driver line.
>We urgently need it for revision of our paper, but the stock from
>Bloomington we have just received had no live flies.... It will take us a
>few more weeks to receive a new stock.
>It will be much appreciated if you can check your lab stocks. If by chance
>you find a copy of the stock at the corner of your old trays, please
>let me know. Alternatively, it will also be helpful if you can point to
>someone in Europe who you know may have it,
>Your help will be much appreciated.
>Best regards
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