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Dear all

Many of you will be aware of the beautiful position effect variegation
(PEV) screen in Drosophila conducted by Gunther Reuter in Germany many
decades ago. His work first identified the histone modification pathways
that we now know as key regulators of genome function across species
and, in my view, represent one of the most important contributions to
genome biology.  Reuter’s screen identified 60 regulators of PEV
however, to date, only 25 have been identified.

Gunther Reuter is about to retire. As a consequence, his colleague
Thomas Jenuwein (Director of the Max Planck Institute for Epigenetics in
Freiburg) has moved many of Reuter’s mutants to Freiburg and in a
programme overseen by Reuter, is recruiting students and postdocs to
characterise the remaining uncharacterised mutants and identify novel
modifiers of chromatin state.

Please pass the email below to those who may be interested in this

Best wishes

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