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From Tadashi Uemura


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Dear all of fly people,

Riding the crest of excitement from the XXXII Tokyo Olympic games, the Molecular Biology Society of Japan will hold its 43rd Annual Meeting (MBSJ2020) in December, 2020. MBSJ2020 will provide a forum in which to meet new people, ask new questions or discover new ways of solving problems, and together reactivate basic research of life sciences. Please visit our website at:

Our emphasis for MBSJ2020 is: “New Faces, New Questions, Revitalized Worlds,” and we particularly welcome MBSJ members who are doing innovative research, but who have not previously given a presentation. We equally encourage the participation of researchers from the vast proliferation of new fields and systems branching from molecular biology. With the aim of attracting an international assembly of scientists, the scientific sessions of MBSJ2020 will be conducted entirely in English as the official language.

We are now accepting workshop proposals from members of MBSJ till 2020 January 31. Please show magnificent power of the fly, as demonstrated in many presentations in MBSJ2019 at Fukuoka last week. We accept proposals of mixtures of MBSJ members and non-members under certain conditions. If you are interested in submitting proposals, please contact the secretariat for the details (https://www2.aeplan.co.jp/mbsj2020/english/workshop/<https://eur03.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww2.aeplan.co.jp%2Fmbsj2020%2Fenglish%2Fworkshop%2F&data=01%7C01%7CYutaka.Matsubayashi%40kcl.ac.uk%7C61ea7f56d06b42ae74f008d77e4d2642%7C8370cf1416f34c16b83c724071654356%7C0&sdata=DceZoVtahJBheu6zJCQQUZ9Mg7LPjC4LpbHQrSd1RoM%3D&reserved=0>).

We wish all of you more prosperous 2020 and look forward to seeing you in Kobe, in December, 2020!


Tadashi Uemura
President of MBSJ2020
(Graduate School of Biostudies, Kyoto University)

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