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Giorgio F. Gilestro giorgio at gilest.ro
Mon Nov 25 16:13:50 GMT 2019

See below.
I have no experience whatsoever with them but I think this may be of
interest to many of us: please share your feedback with us if you do try.

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From: Johannes Bischof <johannes.bischof at imls.uzh.ch>
Date: Mon, Nov 25, 2019 at 4:10 PM
Subject: injection service
To: Giorgio F. Gilestro <giorgio at gilest.ro>

Hi Giorgio, Maybe you could send them something along the lines of:

There is a new  Drosophila microinjection service in Zurich. They focus
on phiC31 site-specific integration into a library of target sites that
they previously generated. However, they are flexible and are open to
customer’s demands.


Thank you,
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