[Lfm] PhD position available / Drosophila male germline system

Fani Papagiannouli F.Papagiannouli-227 at kent.ac.uk
Wed Jan 15 12:10:32 GMT 2020

Dear fly colleagues,

There is a PhD position available in my lab at the University of Kent. Here is the link:
Soma-Germline communication and the role of cortical polarity in signalling regulation during Drosophila spermatogenesis - University of Kent<https://www.kent.ac.uk/scholarships/search/FN24SGCIDS01>
This project will be funded by a Medway School of Pharmacy Post Graduate Research Scholarship. Funding will include tuition fees at the Home/EU rate (currently £4,327 per annum) and a stipend at the standard UK Research Councils' rate (currently £15,009). Stem cells have the unique capacity to ...

I would greatly appreciate if you could pass on this email on to potential applicants and post the attached flyer on your Institution's noticeboard.

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


Dr. Fani Papagiannouli
Lecturer in Biological Sciences / Stem Cell and Developmental Biology
Medway School of Pharmacy
Universities of Kent and Greenwich at Medway
Anson Building (Office 215), Central Avenue, Chatham Maritime, ME4 4TB, UK
Email: f.papagiannouli-227 at kent.ac.uk
Web: https://www.msp.ac.uk/person/fani-papagiannouli/#teaching
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